Cold Storage Door
  • Pivot Door

    The pivot door features a stainless steel body, and the wall of the pivot is 3mm thick. A wheel is found at the bottom of the pivot, and it is designed on a slope.

  • Hermetic Sliding Door

    The hermetic sliding door is designed with a fully-welded frame and an eccentric locking device, which allows for a greatly improved sealing performance. An observation window is available for easy view of the cold room.

  • In-fitting Door

    This product is mainly used in small cold rooms with a door size of less than 1.2m. It is an exceptionally economical and practical door.

  • Swing Door

    The swing door is provided with impact-resistant rubber, so you don’t need to open it manually and can transfer goods conveniently.

  • Manual Sliding Door

    According to customer requirements, the sliding door may be designed with a width of more than 3m and a thickness of up to 150mm to effectively improve its sealing performance.

  • Electric Sliding Door

    This product is a combination of manual sliding door and control system. It runs under the supervision of a remote controller.

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